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Private Tours

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General Information

We offer private, customized tours and services. If you are looking towards exploring amazing places, glaciers, ice caves, mountains, go ice climbing, hiking, driving in super-jeeps or go kayaking, contact us and enjoy the most amazing private tour of your life!

Are you up for tailor-made private tour, witness wildlife, seals, reindeers or go hunting for the northern lights. With wide range of knowledge and experience we will help you out to make the most of your stay in south east Iceland.

Do you need ideas about your private tour?

In winter time:

In summertime:

  • Ice cave tour
  • Glacier hike
  • Super jeep tour
  • Northern light tour
  • Photography tours
  • Photography tours
  • Lónsöræfi day tour
  • Super jeep glacier tour
  • South east coast day tour
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking

Groups or individuals, contact us if you have special requests, such as photography, filming or plain adventure.

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