1Where are the meeting points?

- The meeting point for Glacier Kayak Adventure tour is at Smyrlabjörg hotel. You can find us on google maps HERE

- The meeting point for Glacier Lagoon Kayaking Jökulsárlón is at Jökulsárlón main parking lot. Trailer is located at the Glacier lagoon main parking lot and is thoroughly marked Iceguide. You can find us on google maps HERE

- The meeting point for Glacier hike and ice cave tour is at Jökulsárlón main parking lot. You can find us on google maps HERE

2Do you offer private tours?
Yes we offer private tours, contact us for further information please contact us .
3Can I follow in my own car?
Transport is included in all of our tours. Participants should use our transportation to the tours location.
4Do you make exceptions on the age limit?
We do not make any exceptions on the age limits.
5What should I wear for the kayak tours?
Warm outdoor clothing like regular hiking pants and fleece sweaters. Headwear and gloves. Good socks, synthetic or wool.
6What should I wear for the Ice cave and glacier hike ?
  • Base layer (shirt and long johns) synthetic or wool.
  • Mid layer such as fleece jacket,thick wool garment, primaloft jacket or similar. Second midlayer can be added for colder days. Hiking pants, fleece or softshell or similar.
  • Waterproof breathable jacket like Gore-tex jacket and pants or similar.
  • Light and thin quick drying pants. Wind resistant.
  • Waterproof clothing on rainy days.
  • Headwear and gloves.
  • Socks, synthetic or wool.
  • Good hiking boots are essential.The boots should be high enough to provide good ankle support
  • Tennis shoes or sneakers are not appropriate shoes for this trip!
  • Winter time in Iceland can be very unpredictable. Temperature in the south east coast of Iceland during the winter time is usually between -5 celsius to +5 degrees. The rule of thumb is always 3-4 layers.
  • Small backpack (Can be handy to carry camera, rain gear and all extras)
7Do I need to bring drinks and food on the tour?
We recommend to bring some snacks such as sandwiches, energy bars, dried fruits etc. for our longer tours as we don´t provide any for the tours.
8What happens if I´m late for my tour?

Failure to show up by your scheduled departure time will result in the cancellation of your booking and the full forfeiture of your booking fee. Please be on time, we recommend at least 15 min before departure time.

Notice that we do not recommend our participants to travel long distances same day as the tour takes place.

We have to keep our time schedule and to do that we can not wait for participants that are late.

Be prepaired and make sure where our meeting point is and how long it takes to get there! Feel free to contact Iceguide for further information!

9What if it´s raining?

It can rain a lot in Iceland, we do not let rain stop us from going out and enjoy nature. Sometimes we say there is no such thing as bad weather just bad choice of clothing. Nature does not adapt to us, we have to adapt to the nature.

Of course we have safety as our top priority. If we at any point feel that conditions are not safe we cancel our tours and do our best to reschedule the tour. In case of cancellation, you´ll receive a full refund.

10How can I pay?
Booking online you can pay with credit card. At our meeting points you can pay with cash or credit cards.
11Where can I find accommodation near the meeting points?

The town of Höfn is located 37km from our meeting points and Jökulsárlón is 77km from Jökulsárlón so we recommend all hotels and guesthouses in Höfn.

There are also farm guesthouses and acommodation closer to our meeting points. Here are few suggestions:

- skalafell.is
- smyrlabjorg.is
- glacierview.is
- brunnholl.is
- holmurinn.is
- glacierworld.is
- lilja.is
12Do you offer any group discounts?
Contact us for further information at info@iceguide.is
13Can the tour be cancelled due to weather?
All of our tours can be cancelled due to weather with short notice. If our tours gets cancelled because of weather or safety reasons participants will receive a full refund.
14Whats your cancellation policy?
We have a 48 hours cancellation policy. Full refund if the reservation is cancelled more than 48 hours before departure. All of our tours can be cancelled due to safety reasons or other natural conditions, with short notice. In such cases a full refund is provided.
15How can I book?

You can book online at iceguide.is

If for some reasons you experience difficulties with booking online please contact us via phone +354 661 0900 or via our contact page

16Will I fit the kayak suits?

Reasonable fitness is required for the kayak tours. Overweight people can expect having problems fitting the drysuits. Our biggest suits are XXL size, for further info you can look at the GUL.COM

We have shoes from size 34-48 european size.

17Do the boats have weight limits?
Reasonable fitness is required for this tour. Oversized people can expect having problems fitting the drysuits, and therefore not being able to participate. For safety reasons participants cannot exceed 120 kg (270 lbs) in weight for single kayaks (kayak for one person) or 180 kg (395 lbs) combined weight for double kayaks (kayak for two persons)
18Can I join the tour if I'm pregnant?
This is a personal choice of course but women in good health and active should have no problems joining us in their early stages of pregnancy.
19What is the difference between the kayak tours?

At the Glacier lagoon Kayaking jökulsárlón we paddle on the lake for approx 1 hour, we do not step on to the glacier/icebergs at Jökulsárlón.

In our kayak tour at Heinabergslón Glacier kayak Adventure in Heinabergslón we paddle on Heinabergslónfor about 1h 1 1/2 hour and do a short introductory walk on a giant iceberg approx. 20 min for better view and to stretch our legs.

20Do I need to book in advance?
We recommend to book the tours in advance, we’ve got limited seats.
21I'm having problems booking online, what's wrong?
Please try another web browser or card! If this doesn’t help feel free to contact us at info@iceguide.is
22Can we choose a single kayak instead of a tandem kayak?
In our tours we use tandem SIT kayaks (boat for two persons) for their safety, easy handling and stability. We also have single SIT kayaks only in case of single travellers and/or odd number bookings. When booking, you select the number of passengers, not boat or boat type. The type of boats will be chosen on spot accordingly by the guide, not upon request.